Presentation Tips

Adele’s Real Estate have great success with fast sales when a property is well presented.

We offer a range of stylish furnishings to bring out the best in your property. We will go through the property with you and make suggestions on how to present your property for maximum results.

1. De-clutter – Create spaces on your shelves, on top of sideboards and tables by storing books, DVDs and other collections. Remove, unsightly furniture.

2. Landscaping – First impressions last, so ensure your garden, lawn and porch are clean and tidy.

3. Go neutral – Choose a neutral colours and paint the walls. A cost effective tip is to choose one colour but use a shade lighter in bedrooms and a shade darker in living areas and hallways.

4. Clean up – Always ensure your property is spotless during inspection time. To prepare for this you may need to do some minor repairs and touch-ups to make your property shine.

5 Have a garage sale – Now that you’ve decided to sell it’s a good time to get rid of items you no longer use. We have some signs to help you promote your garage sale locally.